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Related post: Date: Sun, 30 Dec 2007 16:35:52 -0800 (PST) From: Sarra Angeleys Subject: The Purple Pussy pt1 (TG/ surgery)A reminder that this story is preteen girls naked lolly for adults only please This story contains, tg,anal,threesome,and mucho cum The Purple Pussy photos lolitas in panties "Let's go girls" I open the door to the private room with my little lola preteen model clients, a husband and wife who are quite kinky. I love showing off new outfits, this time I have a pink corset with black ribbons and ties down the front. Pink thong black stockings, no garter, and pink gloves on, and of lolita swim team pic course since he likes it so much my hair done up in pig tails. I start 9 yo bbs lolita moving and shaking to Shania Twain's "I feel like a woman." I guess I should introduce myself. My russian lolita preteen art name is Leslie, I'm 22 with 34C lolitas nude bd sisters tits, perky little nipples 28 waist and 34 hips. My ass is spectacular, tight and full. Long smooth legs that make me 5'6, graceful slender hands and fingers that know exactly what buttons to push on guys and girls, for I do enjoy both. Long deep brown hair that flows with slight wave to a few inch above my ass. Bright green eyes, cute nose, full sensuous lips. And oh yeah, the prettiest 10 inch dick you could ever see. Long shaft nice and thick with a beautiful head that when loli bbs board kds I'm really horny(which is often) is fairly red, and gets very very red at certain times, but more on that later. My balls are a little bigger than golf balls and sit and hang just perfectly, when cold they are a pretty knob flat chest lolicon pussy that well accents my cock meat, and when warm they hang a few inches down, swell with blood and turn me on so much when I look at them. And the smell of my dick, so intoxicating. That hot musky scent little girl skirt lolita when you put your nose right where the balls meet the legs, heaven. I should explain I guess, I was born male, but very very effeminate, except of course for my nice dick. I always knew I was a girl at heart. Played with barbies, wore my sisters clothes when I could get away with it. Fantasized about the football captain ripping my panties down svens place thaimisc lolita and fucking me hard. So when I was legal I got a beautiful pair of tits, and stopped cutting my hair when I was 16. I've always shaved all other hair off 15 yo lolitas models since I started getting some, and now I've had it all removed by laser. I was always the most turned on by people like me, or who I felt free illegal lolitas underage were like me. Women with a cock. Don't get me wrong your general tranny is fine, but usually they look like men with breasts, where as I ultimately prefer feminine features(except in my boyfriend of course). I work in a lolita nonnude gf pic legal refined brothel called The Purple Pussy, fairly famous here in Nevada. It's not some run down place where every hick can get a lay, the *****est person here is 100 dollars for 20 minutes, and we carefully screen our clients. They also are asked to shower or just wash themselves up a little before hand, unless lolitas wearing thongs piccs the person they are enjoying has a prior agreement. We actually have our own medical section where blood can be drawn and tested for things in a discreet and private lolita guy model free way, all clients must have proper records they are clean and STD free. There are 4 ranks here, hooker 100-200 per 20 minutes, whore, 2-300, slut 4-600, fuckslut 700-1000. I rank the highest with 1000 per 20 minutes, and I am very exclusive and selective. There are 70 or so men and women and trannies who work here, all get tattooed as a kind of fuck stamp preteen lolita bbs sites on the lower back what their rank is when they are deemed to have gone as high as they can as well as their rate. Only three of us are worthy to be fucksluts, and I'm the best and quite proud of it. The added benefit of fucksluts is we all live in the brothel, where as the others commute, and we get to wear what we want, where as all the others have to wear at least two pieces of clothing(when they are wearing clothes that is) that is a royal purple. We each work in subsections hot young lolita blondes of the brothel, purple pussy is the main, and largest, lolita preteen illegal pussy dorki info lolita models area where people who want to fuck out in the open are. The red pussy for women only. The long pussy for men only. And the brown pussy for girls like me. I think you can infer what brown pussy implies. Anyway, two of my favorites, Cindy and Steve were sitting in the bed, naked, while I stripped for them. Each time Shania sang "Man, I feel like a woman." I would push a finger on my pussy and give a high pitched low toned moan. They both loved it and pretty much immediately they were rubbing each other. I'd shake my tits and cock for them. Wag my ass force anal pounding lolitas and show my pussy right in front of their faces. lol yo bbs imageboard Bounce my cock a little on Cindy's 36D tits. When the song ended and I was long since naked Steve pushed me on to my hands and knees at the edge of the bed, while Cindy laid down for me to eat her pussy. Steve smacked my ass good child nudes girls lolitas and then bit on me a little, before eating out my pussy. Steve was angel lolitas nude censored one of the few guys I was genuinely attracted to. 8 inches of delicious cock. Finely hairy all over but not too dark. Heavenly scented balls and a perfect chest to hold onto while fucking him. Speaking of which he grabbed around my body and squeezed my tits, lowering his face to my ear he said, "I'm tiny nude lolita bbs going to fuck your tight pussy so good you'll cream yourself." I could feel him enter me, his balls slapping on my thighs as I thought about free asian lolita vids the time he made his wife and I wear real lolita s pic skanky cheerleader outfits. He told me to climb on top of her and expose my pussy, while she did that same. Both our pussies got a good fill of cum, and when he was half way into fucking me I blew my load right onto Cindy's back, huge cock lolicon hentai and that made her photos nudist children lolitas cum. Cindy could tell I needed her and positioned herself so I could 11 yr old lolitas fuck her pussy, and of course I shot a load after a while. Cindy sky teen bbs loli had a nn loli child models great pussy and I once fucked her for half an hour cumming in her four times. Steve would oblige me by spanking my ass and slapping my tits while I 14y o nude lolitas came in her. Which he did this time too, oh man how I love my tits being slapped while I cum. After that half our Steve cute little loli porn and I spent another a lolita hidden cp 10 minutes eating her cum filled pussy and making out. We continued in our tri-fuck for a while and fell in the bed exhausted. Lots of making out followed of course, and both of them ended up sucking my nipples. These were the only clients I saw outside of the purple pussy, and in fact regular sex partners, they came here and paid only to help support me. And I love them both nude lolita asian link very much, but I am really in love with my boyfriend David. Oh fotologs lolitas de panama David, just thinking of tiny lolita teen tgp him makes my dick hard. Finely hairy all over his body, a gentle tan, nicely muscled without being overly buff. Firm cute preteen lolita girls bbs tush, strong powerful loli girls licking guys legs. Warm loving arms to hold me close. And a 9 inch dick that's a little thicker than mine. And balls, oh heaven what perfect tasty balls. And the smell fake lolita nude pics around those balls when he's all hot and sweaty with desire for me. So powerfully musky and addictive. This is how real men smell. As you have probably guessed smell is a big turn on for me. Steve has that kinda smell, hidden forbidden lolita sites but not free lolita nn picture quite as strong. I've noticed all the men I like the most have this same kind of smell, but no ones is as intoxicating as my mans. Now as for women I am much more picky about. All men I have been with have some amount of good smell to incest pfoto album lolita them. But women seem to flux between extremes much more. Some can be really 19 14 lolita pics good, Cindy, and some really quite awful. Diet is a big part, lifestyle, deodorant used, and even the level of make-up/skin care stuff they use(I don't), can all add up to a good smell, or a horrid one. So after our little bit of enjoyment, Cindy asks me, free lolita cute models "So that picture of you artistic nudes preteen -lolita in the calendar, are those the pussy beads I gave you last x-mas?" I reply yes, and she fuck lola petite picture is referring to a idea one of the other fuck sluts had last year, Purple Pussy Calendars, featuring individual fucksluts, calendars with groups of sluts and all the other groups here. Mine sells out quite well, and I even have a few of the pictures lolita nudity top sites framed little horney lolita girls on the wall in my room. Also decorating my room is a lovely picture of my free nonnude teen lolita and David's semi limp cocks covered in each others cum, and wearing each others thongs pulled down a bit(he used nymphets lolitas bbs guestbook to dress like a girl but lost interest after he was 17 and started getting more buff, but he wears my thongs). David, me, and Steve circle jerking on Cindy's face. A close up of my cock when cyberlolitas lolitas toplist net the head is very red(I just love to admire my cock, and admit it guys, you do to). A close up of David's between my tits, two more things I love to admire(admit it girls, you admire your boobs in the mirror too). But anyway this calendar, it was a great opportunity to show my creative side, I came up with all the titles and ideas for pictures myself, each calendar is 50$ and each person in it gets 5% of profits from the calendar they sell. I've made two grand underage lolita cp sites so far, tells ya free naturist lolita gallery how popular I am. porno de lola melnick August is the one Cindy is referring to, but I'll list them in order. January: Full Capacity, Shows my head tilted back with my boyfriends cock pushed all the way down to nude lolita modeling pictures his russian lolita uncensored pictures balls in a deep throat. My head is between his legs and it shows the beautiful knob of his balls. It shows what an expert cocksucker I am, and trust me, I practice at lolitas naked little preteens least 3 times a day Feb: I Like My Stocking Sweetie, I'm laying on my belly in bed with my arm at an angle on the bed blocking the view of my tits. I'm lolitas preteen nude pthc naked except for a pair of uncensored young lolitas nymphets purple stockings on my feet, the front one bent up. Lots ls models lolita teen of those little candy hearts all around me and overflowing from my butt crack. To finish it I have a heart in my mouth that reads 'Wanna Fuck?.' A second picture from this shoot, of my butt filled with the nn lolita nymphet tgp candies was put on display in the lobby with a kind of guessing game. If you got closest to lolita sex party pass the number of candies in my butt, you got the one that was buried half in my pussy for free. All the others were 5$ each. The answer was 125 and someone guessed that. underage loli hard sites Of course, I let her rub the candy on my pussy a bit more before she ate it March: I Like My Joystick Better, I'm sitting in one of those flight simulator video games. Fully clothed except my pants are down hot lollypop model nude showing my dick, which is wrapped in my left hand, the right holds the joystick of the game. April: In Bloom, my 2nd favorite which little lolita panty pictures is mounted large size on my wall. I'm standing in front of the camera, my ass filling the view and spread. A pussy shaped flower sticks right out of my pussy, and lots of flowers all around. I love it because my ass is great, my pussy looks really good, and lolita extreme pre teen the flowers are quite pretty. May: Profile of a Nymphomaniac, This is the only one where I'm totally naked and all my body is showing. A banned lolita preteen model profile with my lolita home kiddy preteens front preteen shy nude lolita leg pulled back, my cock fully hard. Front showing arm holding my front leg, and my ukranian lolitas tgp other arm up in the air. The picture is black and white and my tits look superb. It shows how flexible I am which clients, and David, just love. June: 10, Me running on the beach, silver tankini top and nothing else, my cock up toward my chest from the bouncing. (For those of you not old enough, it's a movie from the late 70's and lolita juicy nude pictures the picture on the movie is a woman in a one piece doing the same thing). July: Fuckslut Illustrated, My face forward and on my hands and knees. Got a purple bikini top on that is fairly small and shows my tits and hard pointy nipples nicely, and about 3 inches of cock pointing down between them, my face looking like I'm tpg nude lolita teeny being fucked which it had been just young lolita pussy panty a little lolita forbidden thumbs few seconds before. (Again this was a cover a while back of a SI swimsuit issue). August: Pull Both Please, I'm wearing a neon pink full piece thong back swimsuit my side showing and my body tilted showing my ass. My hard cock pointing about straight out but fully covered. I've got my hands running thru my hair and my mouth open, and itt e lolitas tgp Cindy's lovely purple bead string coming out of my pussy. September: Back to School, This is my favorite one, not only lolitas top 100 preteens for the image but what happened while it was taken, it also is framed in teenie lolitas nude pics large size on my wall. I'm in pigtails with pink ribbons, showing my backside with my head turned back and a lollipop in my right hand sucking on it. I have a cropped schoolgirl top, a plaid skirt, white string thong, stockings and heels. The skirt is roughly dark lolitas nude photos pulled up and tucked into the waist so my sexy ass is showing, my left hand is pulling my ass check back real lolicon galleries pics showing the string is very very very thin and hardly hides anything of my pussy. It certainly doesn't show how red my pussy is after having been fucked for 10 minutes, my boyfriends cum shot onto it child model lolita girl and dripping down my leg. My ass lolita bbs gides sites red from lots of spanking too. My child lolita model photos face is also smeared with cum, and it shows how much of a fuck slut I am. October: Sock, I'm on a staircase decorated with Halloween things, I have vampire secret lolita cp bbs best site lolitas free teeth showing, and teen dreams lola galeries I am wearing a red corset, garter, and black stockings. My hard cock has a pthc zeps loli teen cock sock on it. I'm not pre teen lolita ukrainian really a Halloween person, but I figured I should do the theme cause it's expected. This one is feels great nude lolitas my least favorite, although I love the lingerie. November: Glazed Dinner, I'm leaning on a table in such a way that my tits rest on a plate 10yo russian preteen lola on the table, my hands flat in front of them and a big smile on my banned galleries lolita model face. And oh yeah, 25 guys cum on my tits and face. Nicely shows what a cum whore I am. I am such a cum whore that I never waste any. Cum gets on or in me, it stays on lolita non nude nude and in me. Any cum drizzles out of my pussy it goes in my mouth, on my tits, or anywhere I please. I rub it all over and I have great skin and hair from it, a girl needs her protein after all. December: Caught Red Headed, It's kind like a Coppertone ad, with the girl having her hand to her mouth showing surprise at her shorts being pulled down by a dog. Except I have a Santa hat on, red bra with white fuzzy trim, my ass sticking out and rompl issue magazine lolitas David's cock buried in it. My other hand graces my cock which has a very red head on it. That was done by putting a kind of chastity belt on me and not allowing me to touch my cock or pussy for 6 hours, all the while watching porn and licking and sucking 12 14 yrs lolita and smelling my naked lolita nymphet pictures boyfriends cock. I of course blew a huge load in his mouth right afterwards. We chatted the three of us for a bit, and then they had to go. They were my last ones of the day, so I went to my room where David was waiting for me. We made out for a while, watched TV, fucked, had dinner and went to bed. In lolita cp bbs incest the morning began pretty much the same, although each morning my man drips a few drops of vanilla extract onto my lolita boy 13 nude pussy. You didn't board 9 lolita bbs thin I smelled and tasted good there naturally did you? Neither of us had anything we needed to do, so we went off to look at lingerie. Depending on the feedback, I might little tiny preteen lolitas be inclined to make this into a series. Write me at agirliegirlyyahoo.com for any comments or anything really. Hope you enjoyed.
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